What is the difference between profession and professionalism?

During my path I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who teached me the meaning of the word professionalism and its nuances.

Sometimes, doing a profession and doing it professionally is not the same thing!

Professionalism is a set of sense of responsibility, reliability, commitment, precision, punctuality, transparency … but, above all, a lot of passion!!

Passion is the engine that moves everything, it is the force that pushes you to do your best, giving your best every day.

Passion encourages you to improve yourself and to accept new challenges with enthusiasm. This sets you apart from the crowd. It’s what makes your profession unique!

That’s why when I’m looking for collaborators, I invest my time listening their stories, their values. In these people I look for the passion, the same passion that moves us in the same direction. For me it is an absolutely important element in order to establish a solid and winning collaboration relationship!

It happens to be wrong about a person’s potential, but I think that sometimes we should trust our emotions a little more, what we perceive from the heart and not just use the head.

What do you think? Are you an instinctive person or do you consider it a risk for your evaluations?

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