If I ask you what perfume and what taste the basil has, everyone, more or less, is able to describe it and certainly everyone has a clear idea in their mind.

But if I ask you what sound does basil make?

You will think that I am crazy, and I am a little bit, but I am not alone!

This bizarre project was born from my idea of ​​trying to give a sound to the scents and flavors of the products of the earth.

I was immediately supported by the brilliant madness of Luigi Fabrello, composer of music for video makers and bloggers, of advertising melodies and jingles and much more, trusted collaborator and dear friend.

When I invited Luigi to dinner at my house I asked him to bring the keyboard. Everything was prepared and in the middle of the table there was a composition of aromatic herbs and spices. I didn’t hesitate to launch my challenge, “you scare me” he immediately replied, but obviously he accepted with enormous enthusiasm and curiosity.

We smelled, shared ideas, sensations, took notes, ate and sketched rhythms and melodies for all the night.

It was certainly an original dinner and a new experience full of unexpected sensations.

The result? We are finishing the first tracks inspired by sage, rosemary, basil and pepper.

We’ll continue this project because it is stimulating and exciting for both, and we hope to intrigue more and more people to try these experiences.

Imagine to enjoy a dinner and enjoy your experience  carried away by music specially created for each individual dish.

I created the experience and I will be glad to share it to all of you too.



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