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My story


I was born in January, during the year of the ‘big snowfall’ and outside there was a meter of snow.


Since I was a child I’ve always been very curious and this curiosity led me to know always new realities, people and stories.

My family was always brought together by the passion of cooking, everyone with their own personal style!

Cooking was a chance to stay together, an opportunity to experiment new recipes, to exchange views, a moment of sharing!


What I can do for you


Planning, organization and realization of private events, parties, dinners and inaugurations… and other things that your imagination and curiosity suggests to you!     

My starting point is always to know my customers, listen to their stories, better understand their style, discover their needs. And, very important, understand what makes their hearts beat and brighten their eyes!

My purpose is, with my ideas, my job and my commitment, to bring people live an experience, something new, that can spark an emotion.

Every event must be a journey, during which everyone can experience moments and taste pleasures that will remain in memory.


Organization of dinners and sensorial/experiential tasting-events for both private clients and public pubs, clubs or restaurants.

 The theater of taste, where nothing is as it seems to be!

“That which you mistake for madness is but an overacuteness of the senses.”

– Edgar Allan Poe –

A sensory or experiential dinner is difficult to explain, you have to feel and taste it!

An occasion in which everyone has to get involved, to get out of their comfort zone and to experience new emotions. It is a journey in which simply enjoying a good dish or drinking a glass of good wine can no longer be so simple, it can turn into a unique experience.

It will be a pleasure for me, once understood the need of each client, to create an original event, full of exciting surprises! If the main element will be a single product, everything will be developped to enhance and better appreciate the protagonist!

Latest News

What sound does basil make?

If I ask you what perfume and what taste the basil has, everyone, more or less, is able to describe it and certainly everyone has a clear idea in their mind. But if I ask you what sound does basil make? You will think that I am crazy, and I am a little bit, but I am...

Colors and emotions

  Do you know those periods when you are swamped with commitments and work and you feel tired and mentally stuck? Well, I know it. I felt the need to do something that would recharge me with energy and that would reactivate my creativity. Often bureaucracy,...

And who will stop?!!!

How can one continue to cultivate one’s passions while remaining at home? In this period in which for serious needs you are forced to stay locked up in the house, you are really forced to give up everything? I say no. I’m a classic example of a hyperactive person. I...

Profession and professionalism

What is the difference between profession and professionalism? During my path I’ve been lucky enough to meet people who teached me the meaning of the word professionalism and its nuances. Sometimes, doing a profession and doing it professionally is not the same thing!...

Recommended books and expectations

It certainly happened to you, reading a magazine, an article or during a course on a specific topic, that a title of a recommended book captured your curiosity. It has happened to me many times and I’ve always written that title with the best intentions to buy and...

Contact me

For your private events, birthday parties, dinners, weddings and anniversaries, or any other occasion you want to make special!

I’ll be by your side to design, organize and achieve what better rappresents you and your needs, looking for original details that make your event exclusive, full of emotions and smiles.

If you own a pub, a club or a restaurant and would like to organize an exclusive event, which combines excellent food with something more exciting for your clients!

I’ll inspire your curiosity with personalized experiences that will guide your guests on a journey full of discoveries, sensations and perceptions.

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