It certainly happened to you, reading a magazine, an article or during a course on a specific topic, that a title of a recommended book captured your curiosity.

It has happened to me many times and I’ve always written that title with the best intentions to buy and read it. Thing that, for one reason or another, I hardly ever did.

But, when I managed to do it, when I bought that book and started reading it, I realized that the expectations for the content of that book were very high right away.

Perhaps because the topic had particularly fascinated me, perhaps because of the esteem for the person who had advised me, rightly or not, I always approached reading with a very particular critical spirit.

It’s easily disappointable I think, I consider the taste on every readings just as personal and unique as the taste on perfumes.

The best thing to do is to undertake the reading of any book only and exclusively with the curiosity to discover its contents, and to discover how these can, in any case, modify our point of view!

My last discovery was a book recommended by a teacher during a course for sommelier. The title is simple and direct: BUBBLES. The subtitle can inspire more curiosities: Science and champagne (Author: Gérard Liger-Belair – Giulio Einaudi Editore for Italian version / “Uncorked: The Science of Champagne” for English version).

The idea that someone had associated champagne with science and reported its results in a book really attracted me. I don’t want to reveal too much, curiosity must be kept alive and it accentuates the pleasure of reading, in my opinion. However, I just want to recommend this book to all the people who, lovers or not of champagne, are often curious to see things from an absolutely unusual point of view.

I am aware that, with so little details, I have created a sort of expectation in all those who decide to read it, for this reason I don’t want to anticipate anything else on the contents. I go on reading and, why not, also to taste something!

Tell me what do you think, what attracts you more in a book? Which characteristics attract your attention?

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